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Better In The Road

Better in the road

  • Carbon fiber composites are a much better reinforcement component than rebar.
  • Carbon fiber’s resistance to corrosion, heat and materials fatigue provides big advantages over currently used materials, as does its extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Carbon fiber's properties mean longer useful lives for bridges and critical roadway components.
  • External carbon fiber braces fill emergency needs.
  • Internal reinforcing components made of carbon  fiber will provide long-term solutions.

The Problem

The US alone has about 614,000 actively used road bridges. The design life for most of them -- the expected useful life -- is 50 years.  As of 2021, some 40% of the nation's bridges had been in service for more than 50 years.   About 9% of them -- nearly 60,000 bridges -- were deemed structurally deficient.  Massive infrastructure spending is required just to keep the nation's roadways at their current capacity.  Carbon fiber composites are better for reinforcing bridges than steel or iron, but carbon fiber has been too expensive to be considered.   These challenges exist all over the world.

The Solution

CrossLink's carbon fiber composites provide excellent components for internal reinforcement (replacing rebar) as well as external bracing for immediate problems. CrossLink's composite materials also can be applied to roadbed projects to prolong useful life and retard the development of potholes.

National Science Foundation (NSF) & America's Seed Fund (SBIR.STTR)

CrossLink has been awarded multiple grants from the National Science Foundation

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