Shipping & Freight

More Efficient On The Way

More Efficient on the Way

  • Trailers, containers -- anything that transports something -- are made better with carbon fiber composites.
  • Reduced mass of the container allows greater payloads.
  • Less energy is required to move the containers and the cargo
  • Containers will last longer thanks to carbon fiber composite properties.

The Problem

The freight industry is ruled by a simple formula: A truck, or a train, or a ship, can move a certain total mass of material.  The greater the mass of the vehicle and containers being moved, the smaller the payload.  Anything that can reduce the vehicle mass will increase the payload pound for pound. The industry already has achieved improvements in engine and motor power, in fuel chemistry, and in aerodynamics.  Reduction in mass is the last remaining advance to be exploited.

The Solution

CrossLink Composites' tailored carbon fiber products enable transportation manufacturers to re-think vehicle design, reducing not only weight of the carrier vehicle but also the volume of space required.  Floor beams can be smaller as well as lighter.  Fewer support components are required, allowing larger and more efficient cargo spaces.

National Science Foundation (NSF) & America's Seed Fund (SBIR.STTR)

CrossLink has been awarded multiple grants from the National Science Foundation

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